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Download MotivoteRS

MotivoteRS provides a free and open source API for your game server in order to interact with the vote service.

Download JAR File (motiservice-api-1-0-2.jar)

This file is the complete package, containing all dependencies and code required to get Motivote working with your server. Just add the JAR to your build path and start working. It uses the latest Java features, and requires your JRE/JDK to be up to date.


Configuring Your Classpath in Eclipse

As Eclipse is my preferred IDE, I'll show you how to do it in Eclipse. That being said, this process is most likely the same in any IDE.

In order to add Motivote's JAR file to your Eclipse project, all you have to do is:

  1. Copy the Motivote JAR to your server's /lib/ folder.
  2. Right click your project, and click "Refresh."
  3. Now that Motivote is showing up as in your /lib/ folder inside of Eclipse, all you need to do is right click it and hover over "Build Path" and click "Add to Build Path."

Manually Configuring Your Classpath

If you choose not to use an IDE for programming your server, you will need to know how to add the JAR to your classpath. Doing so is just as easy as editing your batch files.

In order to tell Java/Javac where to look for files, we just give one of the parameters a value at launch time. You can tell Java to look for JAR files inside of the /lib/ folder by modifying your code to include the "-cp" argument, like this:

java -cp /lib/*.jar com.rspserver.Server