Premier Toplist Voting Gateway

Toplist Callback Guide

In order to know when a vote is successful, we rely on the toplist themselves to tell us. In order for that to happen, you have to supply them with a special link that tells Motivote when someone votes.

Hello, and welcome to the video tutorial for toplist callbacks.
When you register or edit your server on just about any toplist, it will ask you in the options for a "callback" or "postback" URL.
This URL is given to the toplist, so that the toplist can then load this URL upon processing a successful vote.
This same principle applies to things like PayPal payment IPN, or instant payment notification.
Motivote's callback verification ensures no cheaters abuse the vote system for rewards.
To find your callback URL, visit your "Mange My Motivote" page.
If you have not done so already, create a vote page for your server.
Once the page is created, you will be given a unique URL. In my example, I use "alpha."
So using "alpha" means that all my pages will be on, and that's where our URL resides.
Under your listing there will be a callback URL button.
Click that, and a dialog will pop up with the link you need to give toplists.
If you forget it, you can always follow the steps to come back here and find it.