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What is Motivote?

Motivote helps you reward your players for helping you out. All you do is set up Motivote and your players will do the rest!


Registration and use of Motivote is free! Since Motivote is a service provided by, you have one account for all RSPServer services.

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You're one step closer to getting more players. Download, add it to your classpath, and set up callbacks and you have a working vote script! No website files to mess with.

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Built with customization in mind, you can customize everything from the control panel. Embed Motivote in your site for a seamless experience.

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Motiservice API v1.0.2 - Bug fix release

Several bugs have been patched in this version, including the bug where votes would not be marked redeemed.

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MotivoteRS Free and Pro Plans

In order to provide a quality service to the users of MotivoteRS, a change is necessary. Finding a way to do it reasonably is important.

Motivote is still being offered for free. The Free version will be limited to 1,000 votes before requiring an upgrade to Pro. This is done to help pay for the cost of running the service.

The terms are reasonable, the price is affordable, and it's clearly not making a gigantic profit. There is a value being provided worth the cost.