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Motivote helps you reward your players for helping you out. All you do is set up Motivote and your players will do the rest!


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You're one step closer to getting more players. Download, add it to your classpath, and set up callbacks and you have a working vote script! No website files to mess with.

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MotivoteRS (v3.0) Release

Since Motivote's debut in late 2014, it has become the #1 voting system for RuneScape private servers. Here we are, half way through 2016 and it's time for a reboot -- enter MotivoteRS (v3.0). This version of Motivote is the one I've always wanted to create, with full customization options, many toplists to choose from, and a single account across the network.

This is THE premier ad-free voting solution, all brought to you for the low, low price of FREE. I'd like to extend a huge thank you to all my partners and especially the server owners for using Motivote and allowing me to have fun creating well functioning software.

More updates will be released as time goes on, I've been getting so many inqueries about the new Motivote release, so I decided to finish up all the important bits and go ahead and release. This version is more functional than the previous version by far, so it is definitely a well-waited for improvement! - Supah Fly